We developed our Fast Track Comfort Career Audit™ to empower all career seekers to identify their strengths,
choose careers they will love, and create their Comfort Jobs.

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Are you a Qiwid™?

A Qualified Individual with an Invisible Disability™

Our clients are Qiwids; diagnosed and self-diagnosed. We empower them with the tools they need to create their career pathway to success.

We help our clients identify the individual traits and behaviors that they enjoy using. They can discover over 700 career options, seeing jobs they may never have known even existed. Using cutting-edge technology, they are able to see the specific jobs where they can use the traits they enjoy the most and create their Comfort Jobs.

Do You Love and Support a Qiwid™ Career Seeker?

Not sure how to help your loved one succeed?

Are you the parent, spouse, or family member of a Qiwid career seeker? We understand how frustrating it can be to see the potential of your loved ones and not see them fully empowered to be successful at work.

That’s why we designed our unique Fast Track Comfort Career Audit™ that adds technology to the career discovery process. We help our clients to expand and strengthen their support teams and connect everyone to Get On the Same Page quickly. Our goal is to empower Qiwids and the people who love and support them to work together toward agreed-upon realistic career goals.

Are You a Self-Diagnosed Qualified Individual with an Invisible Disability (Qiwid™)?

  • Are you uncomfortable at work?
  • Do you feel like you never really fit in?
  • Do you feel like you are never good enough to do your job?
  • Does it seem like you will never move your career forward?

Has a family member, friend, or co-worker ever mentioned that you sometimes act as if you may have Autism, ADHD, or some other type of neurodiverse invisible disability?

Some career seekers were diagnosed with autism or other forms of neurodiversity in their youth. However, there are many reasons why a child may not have been diagnosed. These can include their sex, race, gender identification, family situation, economic status, or simply because there was no diagnosis when they were growing up.

If you think you may be neurodivergent or have an invisible disability our Fast Track Comfort Career Audit can help you learn about yourself, your career options, and how you can create your comfortable fit in today’s workplace.

About Us


Rich Davis
Neurodivergent Career Strategist and
Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions Consultant

Rich began his Comfort Career Journey™ working in his family’s store. There he learned customer service and retail store operations. Rich enjoyed aspects of business and had seriously considered a career path to business management. When Rich was 15 years old, his older brother was unexpectedly hospitalized with mental illness and Rich decided to put aside his business interests and pursued a degree in psychology. He hoped to help his brother and others to get well.

In 1974, Rich graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and experience using behavioral analysis in an institutional setting. Armed with this knowledge, Rich attempted to earn his master’s degree in educational psychology from Temple University, but, after one year, his own mental illness intervened and he was unable to complete the required curriculum.

Rich was not able to ever complete a Master’s degree program and become the psychologist he imagined when he started out, but through working a series of Next Step Jobs™, continuing to take courses and study on his own, and working on his own mental illness recovery his Comfort Career Journey has progressed to a more comfortable place than he could have ever imagined when it began.

Rich’s Comfort Career Journey has taken many directions. After a few years in retail management, Rich worked in sales and management in the temporary staffing industry. In 1990, Rich began his career as a workforce development professional as manager of the job placement department for a major employment service provider organization in Philadelphia. In 1998, Rich launched his first business that helped people with disabilities find jobs.

Over the years, Rich has gained experience consulting non-profit employment service provider organizations, establishing a University’s brand in a new market, working as a disability diversity consultant, and as a career coach. Over the years, Rich has helped hundreds of employers in the Greater Philadelphia region hire qualified employees, including many with disabilities.

Rich has served as chair of the employment committee of the Mayor’s Commission for People with Disabilities in Philadelphia and on the Workforce Development Board in Montgomery County, PA.

In order to develop his Fast Track Comfort Career Audit, Rich searched for the best talent management system to use in his new business. He is now accredited as a talent solutions consultant with Harrison Assessments. Using the Harrison Assessment Career Navigator System, career reports, and talent development reports, Rich has accomplished his goal of creating a new, innovative way to improve employment service delivery for individuals with disabilities. He can also offer any Harrison Assessment talent management system and coaching/consulting training program to employers and employment service provider organizations.

Rich’s greatest joy is when he can share some aspect of his personal story with a Qiwid client and help them move out of their comfort zone and into their Comfort Career. He looks forward to growing his company and fulfilling his next goal; to stop the stigma of disability and mental illness in our communities and our workplaces and to support mental health wellness.

Rich’s psychology and business training have helped him every day. He is grateful to everyone over the years who have helped him create the Comfort Job he enjoys today!

Our Logo

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At first glance, our logo may not make sense to you. You may ask, “What do two hands and the letter C have to do with career planning?” Let me explain….

Our logo depicts strong, yet soft, hands holding the C. This represents the most important relationship necessary to create your Comfort Career, trust.

Trust your Comfort Career Coach

Many of our clients isolate due to fear and anxiety. Our Comfort Career Coaches are Qiwids, Qualified Individuals with Invisible Disabilities who have a special way of gaining our client’s trust by sharing their own experiences.

Trust your Comfort Career Connection Team Members

Our Fast Track Comfort Career Audit is designed to teach each client to trust other people such as family members, friends, and professionals. We support our clients to identify people who have no other agenda and want to only support their personal career goals. We help them establish comfortable boundaries with other people in their lives who may not know how best to help them.

Trust yourself

Using Harrison Assessment talent development reports, we help our clients see themselves realistically and as individuals. We help them identify the individual character traits they enjoy using and the traits they prefer not to use as much. We help our clients to learn about their behavioral preferences and the challenging behavioral tendencies they may have. With this information, we support our clients to “get real” and to grow in self-acceptance.

Trust your actions

Using CFACE, our Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration, we help our clients understand that they are on the same Comfort Career Journey as any other career seeker. We help them to ask for help from their Comfort Career Connection Team members so they can take challenging actions, speak up, and self-advocate. . We empower every client to move their Comfort Career Journeys forward, get a series of well planned Next Step Jobs, and to create their Comfort Jobs.

Our clients learn to trust themselves, move past their worst fears, and take control of their lives and their careers. Everyone needs a Comfort Job!

We hope this brief explanation helps you better understand our logo and our mission at Comfort Career Connections.

“Trust in yourself and the people who can see your strengths. Take good care of yourself and the people around you and do not always rely upon your own understanding”. (Proverbs 3:5-6 edited)