The Misdirected College Student

Graphic designed by James Neal Jr.


I am a recent college graduate from La Salle University with a BA in Digital Arts and Multimedia Design. I was diagnosed in 2012 with Asperger’s Syndrome, which was later changed to autism.


Before I was introduced to Mr. Davis, I had a terrible time in college while I was attempting a double major in Biology and Mathematics. I found myself completely burnt out and ended up failing a few classes which set my GPA back two full points. I always thought I’d enjoy Biology because it was my favorite thing, and now I was confused.


I took a gap year as a break from my education. During that time, my parents and I were introduced to Mr. Davis and we took the Fast Track Comfort Career Audit together. I found it to be very engaging, that it looked complex but was simple, and gave me many career options that were relevant for my future.

The questionnaire consisted of many questions, ranging from overall to highly specific, and the end result provided us with my most favored interests and a list of jobs that the Harrison Assessment believed would be my “Comfort Jobs” for the future. I found that I was actually very interested in art, and my list of Comfort Jobs proved this fact.


Many of the jobs I liked involved aspects of art that I didn’t know existed until my Audit pointed them out. Afterward, I re-entered my education, dropped my dual major, and focused on Digital Arts and Multimedia Design. Suffice to say, I am now a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in a great major, and I am happy that I made the switch so early in my career.