Doesn’t everyone want a job that allows them to get up every morning and go to work they truly enjoy?

Whether they are: 

  • Individuals who are unemployed and just starting their career journey
  • Individuals who are employed and moving their careers forward
  • Individuals who are parents or retirees and want to get back to work
  • Individuals who are looking for a job with a more comfortable schedule
  • Individuals who are not comfortable working from home
  • Individuals who want to work from home
  • Individuals who are entrepreneurial
  • Individuals who have been justice system involved
  • Individuals who speak a language other than English
  • Individuals who do not drive or own a car
  • Individuals of any age
  • Individuals of any race
  • Individuals of any ability challenge
  • Individuals of any marital status
  • Individuals of any sex or gender identity
  • Individuals of any cultural background
  • Individuals of any religion


We are all individuals who can fit comfortably into today’s workplace!

Why Qiwids need our Comfort Career Audit

As a workforce development professional and an individual with an invisible disability who has used the workforce development system personally, Rich observed that our existing disability employment service delivery system was inadequate to meet his needs and the needs of many individuals with disabilities.

Although our workforce development system can provide excellent support for those individuals who have more severe disabilities or who require more complex workplace accommodations, the work-based vocational assessments typically provided may not meet the needs of many career seekers with disabilities.

Many students who have graduated from colleges and universities have used our workforce development system and still struggle to get hired and maximize their potential at work. Rich has heard many stories of government-funded programs that could not fully empower neurodiverse career seekers. Parents of older children told even more desperate stories as they became more and more concerned for the welfare of their children after they were no longer able to help support them.

In response, Rich developed the Comfort Career Audit, a career planning tool that combines the power of the Harrison Assessment talent management system with CFACE™, his Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration™.

teach a man to fish

Teaching an individual how to plan their career and connecting them to the job search resources they need is the most valuable service we can provide.

No employment support program or career coach can “get you a job”, nor should they. We developed our Comfort Career Audit using CFACE™, our Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration™, and the power of the Harrison Assessment to help our clients take the difficult actions required for successful career development. Designed to help any career seeker, our Audit combines cutting-edge predictive analytic technology with the humanity and empathy of a personal Comfort Career Coach.

Our CFACE career planning model has two components, The Comfort Career Journey™, and the Six Simple Qualifications™


We teach our clients to successfully navigate their Comfort Career Journey™.

They learn to identify which Hangout they’re in, how to select Comfort Career Connection Team™ members, and how to ask for the help they need to move their Comfort Career Journey forward.


Although your Journey may be uncomfortable at times, with a series of well-planned Next Step Jobs and the support of people you trust, you can always create your Comfort Job!


Without a clear understanding of their needs and the needs of an employer, it is impossible for any candidate to interview well and be hired.

Their Comfort Career Coach helps our clients to identify the match between their Six Simple Qualifications for Comfort Career Exploration and the Six Simple Qualifications used by employers to identify the candidates they hire.

    Powered by the Harrison Assessment

    Why has Comfort Career Connections chosen to offer the Harrison Assessment to our clients?

    The power of our Comfort Career Audit comes from leveraging the predictive analytics of the Harrison Assessment talent management system. The Harrison Assessment is a fast and easy way that we can help our clients see their individuality, their career options, and the specific jobs they would enjoy.

    Dr. Dan Harrison launched Harrison Assessments in 1990. It is a validated, award-winning talent management system trusted by companies worldwide. Dr. Harrison works every day to expand his research using his Enjoyment Performance Methodology and Paradox Technology to improve the information and insights available through his technology.

    The unbiased Harrison Assessment SmartQuestionnaire analyzes 175 individual character factors and is not influenced by any situation in your life (age, sex, gender identity, race, wealth, or disability). The questionnaire is available in 40 different languages. The questions are simple and, although it takes most people approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete, it’s not timed.

    All Comfort Career Coaches are accredited by Harrison Assessments to analyze a variety of Harrison Assessment talent acquisition and talent development reports.


    Our Individuality Audit™

    We utilize the Harrison Assessment Character Traits and Definitions report in every Individuality Audit. Our Comfort Career Coaches empower our clients to identify the character traits they enjoy using so they can select jobs that require these traits.

    Our Comfort Career Options Audit™

    Every Comfort Career Options Audit includes a personal Harrison Assessment Career Navigator System which describes over 700 job-specific careers that can be analyzed according to the level of personal enjoyment and the level of education required to attain the position.

    Training videos are included with every Career Navigator System. Review the videos in this brochure to learn more about the Harrison Career Navigator System.

    If you are a Qiwid or if you love and support a Qiwid who wants to identify their career options, and fit in comfortably at work, Contact Rich to schedule your free Comfort Career Conversation.