Don’t Get Boxed Into a Personality Style!

Identify Your Character Traits and Behavioral Tendencies — Get Comfortable with Yourself!

    Like any audit, our Individuality Audit™ simply helps you take a realistic inventory of your character traits. In a series of virtual Comfort Coaching sessions, your personal Comfort Career Coach will help you become more self-aware.

    Our Individuality Audit™ includes:

    • 3 hours of private virtual Comfort Career Coaching with your personal coach.
    • Your personal Harrison Assessment character Traits and Definitions Report describes your interests, task preferences, work environment preferences, employment expectations, and behavioral competencies by analyzing the character factors that give you the most and the least satisfaction.
    • If you are currently working or you have identified the job you want, we can provide a Job Specific Traits and Definitions Report which highlights the specific traits for the enjoyment of your job.

    Total Investment: $450*

    Combine our Career Navigator Options and Individuality Audit for a deep-dive analysis of your character traits and the specific jobs where you can use the traits you enjoy. We’ll help you create your comfortable career pathway to success for a total investment of $845*.

    *We can customize your Audit with additional Comfort Career Coaching offered on an hourly or weekly basis. Ask us how.

    I’d like to share a personal example of how my Individuality Audit helped me.

    When I completed my Harrison Assessment SmartQuestionnaire in 2015, my overall enjoyment score for the Career Counselor job was 95% (out of 100%). My score was well over 75% so I knew I would really enjoy my work. However, I had an enjoyment score of 3.7 (on a ten-point scale) for using the character trait of Self-Acceptance, defined as “the tendency to like oneself”.

    Self-Acceptance was not an Essential Trait for enjoying Career Coaching and as a Desirable Trait, my Harrison Assessment Career Enjoyment Analysis report said it “would probably only have a slight negative impact on my job satisfaction”. Yet, increasing my enjoyment of using my trait of Self-Acceptance was important to me.

    Thinking that I was “OK the way I was” never felt comfortable and I didn’t enjoy doing it. I realized that this character factor had affected my life for years and I decided that I wanted to change.

    By working on my recovery with my therapist and other Support Team Members, I developed an acceptance of this aspect of my individuality. I was able to practice Self-Acceptance skills such as calling and hanging out with friends who assured me that I was OK despite my feelings at the moment. By repeating positive affirmations and remembering helpful slogans, over time, I began to forgive myself and it became easier each day for me to accept myself as I was. It also helped that some of my friends and my customers told me that I had helped them.

    I took my Harrison Assessment SmartQuestionnaire again after my 68th birthday in 2020. My new Harrison Assessment Career Enjoyment Analysis report indicated that my Self-Acceptance enjoyment score had increased to 5.8! My Self-Acceptance was no longer a hindrance to the overall enjoyment of my job and my overall enjoyment score for Career Coaching increased to 96%!

    Dr. Harrison’s Enjoyment Performance Methodology had worked! It felt good to see how I had worked hard to love the work I do even more!

    Everyone changes!

    The individual that you were last year is not the individual that you are today. The individual that you are today is not the individual that you will be next year.

    Continue to work with your Comfort Career Coach for as long as you like. They can help you explore how your levels of character trait enjoyment change over time.

    Once you have explored your Individuality, you may want to identify the careers that you would enjoy based on the character traits you enjoy using.  Our Comfort Career Options Audit will help you identify your Next Step Job™ and your Comfort Job™.

    Every Comfort Career Audit is customizable. Contact us to learn how we can customize an Audit for you!