Our Individuality Coaching™ sessions can help you prepare for your Fast Track Comfort Career Audit or help you see your comfortable fit more clearly after you have taken your Audit. All Comfort Career Coaches are accredited by Harrison Assessments to use a variety of Harrison Assessment talent development reports.


Many of our clients are challenged by severe anxiety. In this situation, your Comfort Career Coach might suggest that you start with Individuality Coaching. Individuality Coaching is designed to help you identify your individual character factors, behavioral tendencies, and uniqueness.

The Harrison Assessment talent development reports which we might suggest include the:

  • Traits and Definitions Report
  • Your Greatest Strengths Report
  • Mastery Paradox Behavior Reports
  • Emotional Intelligence Reports

Once a career seeker has identified the character traits they really enjoy using (Life Themes) and the character traits they prefer not to use, most people grow in self-acceptance and are prepared to envision themselves in a work situation.

Your Comfort Career Coach can then begin a Fast Track Comfort Career Audit to help you identify your Comfort Job. They may also suggest that you identify ways that your character traits align with those required for the enjoyment of specific work situations. The Harrison Assessment talent development reports which they may suggest include:

  • Employment Engagement and Retention Analysis Report
  • Working From Home Report
  • Remote Leadership Analysis Report
  • Self-employment Report