Our Individuality Coaching™ sessions can help you prepare for your Fast Track Comfort Career Audit or help you see your comfortable fit more clearly after you have taken your Audit. All Comfort Career Coaches are accredited by Harrison Assessments to use a variety of Harrison Assessment talent development reports.


Don’t Get Boxed In

Individuality Coaching is designed to help you identify your character factors, behavioral tendencies, and uniqueness.

Because the Harrison Assessment analyzes 175 individual character factors and is not influenced by any situation in your life (age, sex, gender identity, race, wealth, disability), their talent development reports will give you the personal insight you need to get real and move your life forward.

Here are some reports that your Comfort Coach may suggest:

  • Traits and Definitions Report lists your preferences and tendencies by analyzing the character factors that give you the most and the least satisfaction.
  • Your Greatest Strengths Report identifies your highest priorities, your values, and the thoughts and behaviors you love the most.
  • Emotional Intelligence Reports are based on Emotional Intelligence competencies that have been popularized by a range of authors. The set of reports empowers you to achieve a higher level of success through emotional intelligence and can improve your executive functioning skills.

Once you have identified the character traits you enjoy using (Your Life Themes) and the character traits you prefer not to use, you will be better prepared to create comfort in your work situation. When you are ready, your Comfort Career Coach can begin a Fast Track Comfort Career Audit to help you identify your Comfort Job.

Once you have begun your job, these Harrison Assessment talent development reports may be helpful to share with your employer:

  • Paradox Mastery Behavioral Reports provide you with personal insights for greater clarity related to mastering paradoxical behaviors.
    • Explore your behaviors that are important for your job
    • Explore your behaviors that are important for your Comfort Job
    • Build upon your paradoxical strengths
    • Turn hidden challenges into strengths
    • Proactively manage stress behaviors
  • Employment Engagement and Retention Analysis Report provides an easy-to-understand guide that will help you to fit in more comfortably into any employer’s culture. It will help your job coach or supervisor to understand your individuality and your workplace expectations. It will empower you and everyone that supports you to improve your engagement and retention at work.
  • Remote Work Reports are designed to support you to be productive and communicate effectively while working remotely. Remote communication and productivity reports compare your traits to a range of traits related to comfortably working from home.
  • Remote Leadership Reports are designed to support you to communicate effectively with employees who are working remotely and guide them to remain productive. Managing remote communication and managing remote productivity reports are available.
  • Self-Employment Report identifies the specific factors related to your enjoyment of entrepreneurship and how they may impact your success.
  • Collaboration and Team Competency Reports empower you to expand your awareness of your collaboration tendencies and learn how to fit more comfortably into teams at work.
  • Emerging Leader Competency Reports empower you to achieve a higher level of personal awareness related to widely recognized principles of leadership. Ten competency reports can empower you to better understand the impact you have on your organization through mapping a full range of your success behaviors and their potential behavioral challenges.