Have you ever wondered if you were a Qualified Individual with an Invisible Disability; a Qiwid?

Not you, right? You’re not disabled. You have many strengths and abilities. We agree!

Did you know that in some situations being a person with a disability can be an advantage in today’s workplace? The beauty of invisibility is that you can decide who knows about your hidden disability and take control of your career.

Are you looking for a valuable program for your support group
or community-based organization?

We would love to bring our Comfort Career Conversation, Are You a Qiwid? to you!

  • Discuss common employment challenges for Qualified Individuals with Invisible Disabilities.
  • Learn about disability rights and disability pride.
  • Learn how your qualifications can match employer expectations.
  • Learn how to leverage your disability status to improve your job search.
  • Learn how everyone can fit comfortably together in today’s workplace.

Would you like to Explore How Our Comfort Career Audit Can Improve Your Career?

Rich will meet with you and the people who love and support you for a free virtual private Comfort Career Conversation. He’ll discuss the question, Do You Have a Comfort Job?

Learn how our Comfort Career Audit can help you identify new career options, see your strengths, overcome your challenges, and create a realistic career pathway to success!