• Are you confused about your next career move?
    • Are you uncomfortable at work?
    • Is it impossible to imagine a job where you can fit in?

            Learn about yourself, the specific jobs you will enjoy, and how to create your comfortable fit in today’s workplace.


            We offer two Comfort Career Options Audits exclusively for Self-Diagnosed and Situationally Disabled Qiwids!

            Our Fast Track Career Options Audit includes:

            • 90 minutes of private virtual Comfort Career Coaching with your personal accredited Harrison Assessment coach.
            • Your Harrison Assessment “Career Options” Report lists the jobs you will enjoy from an extensive list of more than 700+ professions.
            •  View the jobs sorted by education level and employment sector.
            •  Mastery of our career planning model, CFACE™, the Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration™.

            Total Investment: $195*

            Our Career Navigator Options Audit includes:

            • 3 hours of private virtual Comfort Career Coaching. Your personal Comfort Career Coach will be accredited by Harrison Assessment.
            • Mastery of our career planning model, CFACE, the Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration.
            • Your personal Harrison Assessment Career Navigator System is the heart of our Comfort Career Audit. It provides the most technologically advanced career and self-exploration platform in the world today. Based on Dr. Dan Harrison’s 30 years of global research on what drives career performance, it uses predictive analytics to identify and rank over 700 careers, and the specific jobs that you are most likely to enjoy and be successful in. Your Career Navigator System includes 3 instructional videos.
            • Your Harrison Assessment “Your Greatest Strengths” Report identifies your highest priorities, your values, and the thoughts and behaviors you love the most.
            • Your Harrison Assessment “Career Development” Report describes your task preferences, interests, preferred work environment, interpersonal skills, decision-making style, motivational level, and leadership capacity.
            • Up to 10, Harrison Assessment job-specific “Career Analysis” reports analyzing your individual character traits for each job. 

            Total Investment: $425*

            Learn more about the Career Navigator System and review the training videos here

            If you are a Qiwid who is diagnosed and working with a therapist, we can customize a Comfort Career Audit just for you. 

            We offer additional Comfort Career Coaching on an hourly or weekly basis. We will coach the people in your life who love and support you so everyone sees your career pathway to success. Ask us how.

            Explore your qualifications in depth! Combine our Career Navigator Options Audit with our Individuality Audit for a deep-dive analysis of your individual character traits and behavioral preferences.

            Contact Rich to schedule your free Comfort Career Conversation today!