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About our Fast Track Comfort Career Audit

Our Fast Track Comfort Career Audit™ empowers career seekers to move past their worst fears and create their Comfort Job. It combines the power of the Harrison Assessment predictive analytic talent management system with CFACE™, our Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration™.

Creating a realistic career plan was never quicker or easier!

  • Learn valuable career planning skills.
  • Review over 700 job-specific career options and identify the ones you are certain to enjoy.
  • Identify your strengths, task preferences, interests, preferred work environment, interpersonal skills, decision-making style, motivational level, and leadership capacity.
  • Learn to match your qualifications with employer expectations to ensure getting hired.
  • Analyze 175 personal behavioral character factors.
  • Identify weaker characteristics to improve performance and maximize job satisfaction.
  • Identify stronger characteristics to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

We offer coaching packages to meet your individual needs.

Comfort Career Classes

Learn CFACE, Our Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration™

Sharpen your career planning skills by attending 6 virtual Comfort Career Classes. Identify your Six Simple Qualifications for Career Exploration™; I AM, I NEED, I CAN, I SHOULD, MY WAY, and I WILL.

Learn to match your qualifications with the Six Simple Qualifications used by companies to screen their candidates. Get hired, become authentic and engaged at work, and fit in!

Qiwids, learn CFACE career planning with the people who support you. Join a cohort of families. Learn from other cohort members who have invisible disabilities and can support your success. If you would like to take Comfort Career Classes with your friends, let us know and we will facilitate a class just for you.

Classes Plus Audits

Customize your Fast Track Comfort Career Audit.

In addition to your classes, add the power of the Harrison Assessment Career Navigator System including 13 career reports. Rich is accredited to help you take a deep dive into your character factors as they relate to the jobs you would love.

Private Session Audits

Review your career options on your own or with the people who love and support you.

Personalized Fast Track Comfort Career Audits are available for Qiwid, self-diagnosed Qiwid, and Neurotypical (NT) career seekers. Chose our package or we can customize an Audit to meet your needs. Please contact us for a free Comfort Career Conversation and explore how private Comfort Career Coaching can move your career forward.

Same Page Comfort Career Audits

Do you and the people who support you have different ideas about the best career path for you? The Same Page Audit may be the answer.

First, Rich coaches the Qiwid career seeker and their Comfort Career Connection Team Members privately. The exercise is the same, select the careers the career seeker will enjoy the most from over 700 careers in their Harrison Assessment Career Navigator System.

Next, Rich brings everyone together to discuss their selections. The result?

Everyone gets On the Same Page regarding the jobs and education needed for career enjoyment and success. Families agree on how to maximize the career seeker’s potential at work and how the career seeker can ultimately achieve independence and self-sufficiency!

Become a Comfort Career Candidate

Select The Comfort Career Coaching Package That Fits

CFACE Comfort Career Classes
Pay What You Can
$495 value
Classes Plus: Career Options Audit
Classes Plus: Same Page Career Audit
Private Same Page Career Audit
ParticipantsQiwid Career Seeker
and 2 Team Members1, 2
Qiwid Career Seeker
and 2 Team Members1, 2
Qiwid Career Seeker
and 2 Team Members1, 2
Qiwid Career Seeker
and 2 Team Members1, 2
Group Sessions:
Limited Group Size
Private Sessions
See which Harrison Assessments are included with your package
Career Navigator System
Your Greatest Strengths ReportSample
Career Development ReportSample
10 Career Enjoyment Analysis ReportsSample
Career Options ReportSample

Qiwid Clients must have a psychotherapist on their support team. The psychotherapist is not required to attend the Comfort Career Audit.

In addition to our packages, we can customize a Fast Track Comfort Career Audit for individuals who are neurotypical or self-diagnosed Qiwids.
Please contact Rich for more information

Is the Audit available to anyone?

Yes, if you are a Self-diagnosed Qiwid or neurotypical, we can customize our Fast Track Comfort Career Audit to meet your needs. Unfortunately, we are not able to support every career seeker. Career seekers who require more extensive employment support and accommodations can best be supported by their state’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Find the agency in your state.

Can my company bring your Audit in-house?

Yes, we want as many workers to be comfortable as possible. We will work with your human resources professionals and hiring managers to ensure that our Audit is a comfortable fit for every candidate and employee.

I’m not ready right now, what should I do?

We offer free informational webinars, newsletters, and a private Comfort Career Conversation.

Bubble Morph Let’s Keep the Comfort Career Conversation Going! We offer free informational webinars, newsletters, and a private Comfort Career Conversation for Qiwid career seekers and their family members!

Find out if you’re a Qiwid and how to create your Comfort Career in today’s workplace! Please sign up below.
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